Certified Crop Advisors


With 2 Certified Crop Advisors, CCAs, on staff you get the promise of ‘Sound Advice’ from over 23 years of certified experience logging in over 450 hours of continuing education in nutrient, soil and water, integrated pest, and crop management classes. They focus on grower profitability while optimizing and protecting natural resources.

With just over 13,000 of these professionals in the United States and 84 of them in Oklahoma, we pride ourselves in being a select few.

So YOU, the grower, get the CCA Advantage:

'Operating a farm takes more than guesswork. It takes Sound Advice that only a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) can provide. Your farm is much more than a business — it’s your way of life. When it comes to putting your best interest first, a CCA’s professional commitment and knowledge is the perfect beginning.

Working with a CCA means having an unbiased expert on your side — someone who can understand your needs, your problems and can come up with the right solution for your business.

CCAs are required to have years of experience working in specific geographical areas. This means your CCA understands why the challenges you face every day are different from the ones someone across the country encounters.'


Soil Sampling


The agronomy process begins with nutrient-rich soil, and depending on which crop you are planting, can make a difference on which nutrients are needed in what amount. That’s why we provide comprehensive soil sampling through out the year, for each growing season and crop.

Soil sampling is a great way to get the insight you need to build a sound soil fertility plan that maximizes your investment in fertilizer and other crop inputs.

Precision matters here, and the best technology and the right tools make a difference. We understand the local geography and soil types and know the questions to ask to gain an understanding of your goals. 

This means you’ll get the results you need to identify where in your fields soil nutrients are limiting plant growth and yield potential. You’ll then be able to work with your agronomist to craft a customized plan that allows you to place the right amount of fertilizer and other crop nutrients in the right place in your fields. Soil sampling is a tremendous way to increase fertilizer use efficiency.

Custom Application Equipment


Whether its applying fertilizer or spraying herbicide, we have the equipment YOU need to help YOU reach your production goals.

With our custom application, our equipment is well maintained and calibrated. Our experienced and knowledgeable team offers, YOU, the customer precise and timely application on your farm or field. We offer variable rate technology and auto steer on all applicable equipment.

  • RoGator
  • 3 Dry Spreaders
  • 3 Floaters
  • Nurse Equipment
  • Portable Tanks
  • 35 Anhydrous Tanks

All custom application is performed by state certified operators and supervised by a Certified Crop Advisor.