Mkt Sentiment? Live Opinions. Lesson, Hog Corn Stocks to Juice.

Mkt Sentiment? A Few Live Opinions. Hog Corn Stocks to Juice.

All rumors, news and fake, levels guesses (hopefully educated) patterns and ideas to cut through the hype in commodities today.

Speculators, Planters Stuck in Mudd. British Pound, Drought plays?

Was it as easy on USDA Corn Friday bottom buy biggest prodution # of year?

Same pattern in beans last time, 7 weeks (see chart perspective) which if on chart email priority email list you saw the picture with levels.

Lesson to Farmers from new shooter client that has learned fast on why we run for cover. Stops.

Question was, "what do you mean hogs had a bad report and you think its in the news?"

Ok, bearish news and we rally!

We bought that break.

My God speculators but to me it screams BUY THIS MKT NOW, any break which another new guy did cancel a close buy lower yesterday but went too low. NL held on low LH.

That point is your obviously bullish to want to add but the mkt bottomed over a week ago, higher lows in Feb. HellmofuOOO`.

So 9020 was NL got filled if scale lower hit-filled, 220 MOC high?)! Learn why that px action important. Its all about numbers and not one iota (IMO) to do with fundamentals. New rule fundamental- funds short,

Or tariff low event 2nd year in a row and we were under $8.

Throw a billion off our coast for puny $8bil and feed big monster soybean fish?

China will implode. Any apple shareholders? FB is close. I sell individual stock artwork algo dance, levels. Reasonable one time perspective and good shelf life unless it hits the fan.

So when all the bad news is scaring the poop out of you while NASDOG Olive extreme buys are sitting ducks lower or higher

Hogs- I think if the June squeeze is on? Its on now. Scale down any solid lines.

Lesson- necklines. Once under we saw LHG break hard

but once over? Use as buy line which was low, 2.05 was it?

This mkt has a bid to it. Floir contact had buy MOC or 200 over 9040 bid that went in late so unable but did buy. Get it.

Natural buying this week on Fake Hate Bad News? Its all sold out.

Risk different than last two days. Ask your broker or get another one. Click it' yourself with Nasdog or HighGround with levels you learn to trust. And the stops.

Lunney on hogs- expect a limit move every day. Day 5 ago. What's your take? Do you need real market color ?

with real deal trader approaches?

A broker that looks for 5 times the stop bet? If you swing trade I suggest we acquaint ourselves this weekend even. I can get your jacked (whatever that means, interested?)

Spreads-? I have or can provide extremes in back months to anything if your willing to pay.

I'm confident you'll agree these are some of the finest pictures with extremely important lines where we regularly see volume spikes (a big player stopped or liquidated).

Then the buying comes in, 700, the 500, then smaller but higher lows.

OJ still a buy. PL GC SI have good levels. Priority alerts available, like HEM 8553 Neckline buy and low. 104? What do the charts say? Did you throw $ away on calls?

Futures were safer at my lines is how my approach is different.

Half means half way, grow up. Nobody holds your hand my newbie traders. Good Luck and get out of losers.

LT neckline 8550 LHM guys buy and hold till loser.? We trade swings buy only when I have few lines together.

I will do whatever you want but this extra mentoring for clients is pretty standard.

Make good risk reward trades.

DO NOT- Get so close to getting taken out if the game for no other reason than camping on winners as well as losers.

Most of my guys get this within months. That's me and I want to help people become better traders and not slaughtered sheep.

(On train, foreigners looking @me snickering). Its a jungle of lies and deceit in commodities.

Why not? Look at Washington. Trump torches fund record shorts. Is this guy 6 steps ahead of everyone?
Cattle may have bottomed. Back month Sept missed by .07c and were 2 levels exact.

Point is they can and were powerful. Stand lower in case. Farmers bearish. Fade that.

Brexit- BPM now breaking. There will be a panic of some sort.

I am monitoring and this fade and get paid strategy is starting if you trade FX, pound, euroBP. You name it, I probably have your levels. Sold

Corn and wheat have tiny sells. You ask me and I give the levels.

Old contacts- when you call what's in it for me? You know you haven't seen something like this. Diamonds as the market collapsed?

Nice counter trend fast reversals 400 fc, 700 lh?

30c corn just like last year? I love corn long and on any break. Lets stick bids on spreads? You just may get filled.

How do you develop your opinion when risking real money? Seat of your pants?

Data NASA Scientists running panic and chaos algos that make you and I freakout and or, blow out?

That's my Olive line indicator.

The way it triggers is complicated but I make it simple.

We make bet around levels using stops unless you scale down is profile. We are all different traders, risk, Comfort zone.

I use my expertise to try to prevent you blowing foot off.

COTTON- Old joint client who hedged C last year at olive just getting levels but grows or trades cotton on wellness check said he bought orange CTN 64.85.

Thats what I try to provide in any of 100 or so commodity markets. No guarentees but levels that can catch falling knives.

SEPT COFFEE- 91.60 is an old OLB, symetrical level, tight stop in case we do go under 90.

PLN has few levels 819.80 ish on 2nd day down hard. GC 1274 1272 decent OLBs, new low stops.

LCM high Fri is Fri SP at high. Wheat has sell levles, small.